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  • Author: domale
  • Date Posted: Jun 22, 2014
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  • Address: yosemite


The famouse and most visited National Park is to be found in California. After the quiet woods of Sequoia National Park we were quite surprised about the amount of people. Entering from the south there is a parking lot for visiting big trees, but when you do not get up early you don’t have a chance to park there. Because the pancakes always needed so long to be prepared we skipped this part of the park. Instead we went directly to a camp ground to reserve a campsite. Luckily there were some left at noon.

After we set up the tent we went for a hike. Instead of hiking the famous Halfdome, we hiked up the Sentinal Dome and enjoyed the view over the valley, even though it was quite windy up there. Sponaneously we decided to hike further on to a viewpoint called Glacier Point. Because you can also reach the viewpoint by car we were not at all alone there and a closer look into the valley showed us car traffic!

The following night was the worst night on our travel (except maby Dominics sickness in India). First we tried to get sleep with a family of 30 chinese people as camping neighbours who didn’t understand the term “quiet hours”. But even worse was the cold! After an hour of sleep (11 o’clock: of course the chinese neighbours were still yelling and partying) we woke up, because we were so cold. So Dominic proposed putting on all our warm clothes. So we fell asleep wearing thermo clothing, several shirts, a thick winter sweater, thick hiking socks and a jacket. Sadly with all these layers it was still cold. And even when we got up the next morning we could still see our own breath.

After a warming breakfast we went down into the valley. On the way we stopped at a crowded viewpoint giving us an other view of the famous Halfdome. A lot of people stopped by a waterfall.

But the worst was the vally itself. The big parking lot for the visitor center was full! Thousands of people everywhere so that it was impossible to enjoy nature. Because of that we didn’t staythere for long .

To avoid the people we drove to the highlands of Yosemite National Park. And voilà we only saw six people on our hike to Lukens Lake.

This hike was a nice finishing of the park and we went futher to Lake Tahoe.


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